Chinese Medicine

Tradtional Chinese Medicine 
Chinese herbal medicine
You can benefit from Chinese Medicine, if: 
  • Seeking for a modality of healing which is natural and personalize
  • Want to enhance general wellbeing and improve your vitality
  • Trying to reduce long term use of drugs and medication
  • Having unexplained illness which fail to detect by medical testing
  • Avoid Surgery
  • Looking for a synergistic method accompany with your current health program  Eg. IVF program, chemo therapy
  • Convention medicine didn't offer a solution to your health issue
  • Want to prevent flare up of recurring symptoms

We offer these treatment to balance your body: 
Herbal Medicine
Cupping and Gua Sha
Diet therapy
Stretching exercise 
​Life style moderation

Chinese Medicine Philosophy

Ancient Chinese studied and developed it’s own theory and philosophy based on the influence of the solar season, the five annual climatic phases, and the six prevailing weather condition. It is applicable and closely related to farming and survival. Eventually these theory and philosophy are applied to the study and development of agriculture, astrology, Chinese geomancy (feng shui) and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The most well known theory in Chinese medicine are the yin yang theory. Other theories included the three division, five element and six channel theory. These theories help our ancestor understands and explain the interaction between organs; pathology progression and treatment approach; ways to cultivate life and how our body interact with the environment and universe.  
Here is a basic example of five element theory apply to our body physiology. The five element consist of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.  Water is our source of life, it represent the essence in our body which is derive from food, water and air. The essence  (water), it use to build and nourish the blood which is pertain to the wood system in Chinese medicine.  Blood itself is the fuel to support the heart which is the fire element, the fire element is strengthen and sent warm blood and to our body. The warm of the fire element assist the digestion which is the earth element. A healthy digestion system can help transform food, water into Nutrient. Then it is being absorbed and transport to the lung and intestine which resonate with the metal system. Metal system ensure proper air flow and all substance in the digestive tract will descend downward and eventually turn into the essence.  Thereby, the cycle continues.

A pathological situation could be when server cold which lower our body temperature.  We interpret as the fire element been weaken and water element take opportunity to expand. This could lead to chronic cold limbs and eventually cold congeal in the joint which causing pain and aches. This is how Chinese medicine view arthritis, which have tendency to be worse during cold and feeling stiffness in the morning when the joint is lack of warmth. 

Another example are when our body internal temperature is slightly lowered.  Fluid will become cold and stagnate. We can think about this like boiling water, when water is hot it is can move and volatile, but when water is cold it will stagnate and congeal. Lung is always moist and hold fluid, when fluid in the lung lost it's movement due to cold.  It will congeal and turn into phlegm. As a consequent patient will have sputum build up in their respiratory system.  


To accurately detect and diagnosis the underlying imbalance, Traditional Chinese medicine would in corporate varies diagnostic technique. Depends on individual practitioner’s knowledge and family lineage, the technique could be palpating the pulse, meridian and abdominal; observing the tongue, facial complexion and other physical clues. We would ask unconventional questions about your wellbeing from a perspective which patient might never consider before. After collecting all the vital information, it will give us a clinical picture which direct us to the appropriate treatment.  

Treatment Approach

Traditional Chinese Medicine always strongly emphasize on balance.  A balance lifestyle is a way to achieve longevity.  It is like the nature, crops need balance amount of sunshine ( yang) and water ( yin).  Our body needs a balance of movement (yang) and rest (yin). The core principle to our treatment approach is to harmonize and restore balance in the body.  If the body organ is hypofunction, we would tonify it.  Warming method is apply when the disease is due to cold. Harmonizing the uneven distribution of energy, unblocking or encourage movement when there is stagnation. Ultimately, our goal is to restore the balance. 

For example insomnia very often due to our body couldn't’t transition from wakefulness (yang) to a resting state ( yin). It is consider as normal physiological function deviated from normal. There is a disruption on yin and yang transition.  Therefore, Chinese Medicine doctor would use herbs and acupuncture to facilitate movement and assist the smooth transition between yin and yang.

Arthritis is aggravate during cold weather and patient feeling more pain and stiffness when the joint is not warm up, therefore it consider as a yin cold condition. Our treatment approach would be warming up the body and joint, dispel the cold.

Treatment Method

Traditional Chinese medicine had a long history which is dated to 3000 years ago. These treatment methods are diversify, it is mostly depends on physician’s niche, geographic location, circumstances, patient's body constitution. Overall, any Chinese medicine approach is considered as gentle and steady. It is like the weather, extreme transition will lead to natural disaster, epidemic disease, as a consequence, human and animal will get sick and crops will die. Chinese Medicine believe our body require a less aggressive approach and changes come steadily. Often drug is fast acting but they do have side effect in a long run or possible develop tolerance and dependence. We belief treating illness, the best is to address the root of the problem by harmonizing and restoring the body function. Restoring our body is like watering a plant. It will require an adequate amount each day. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the same, it requires gentle and steady approach, which slowly awaken our body self-healing potential. Once the body function is restore, symptoms will subside.

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture is the two most well-known therapies in traditional Chinese medicine, the scope of its therapeutic effect are wide. It ranges from variety of internal condition like digestion issue to external condition like injury and wounds. Other treatment could be massage, cupping, gua sha or diet therapy in conjunction with acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Treatment individualize to your need

Although there are fix number of acupuncture points and variety of Chinese herbs, each individual practitioner could have their own favorite preference base on:
  • your body constitution
  • Practitioner's experience, savvy and style or family lineage
  • Time, Season and weather or other circumstances like your energy level
  • your preference